Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Hapiness is Huevos Rancheros

or something like that. It was a gray and chilly long weekend in the Danger household but the spouse was home so it was still an enjoyable few days. Monday morning I was greeted by this delightful culinary artwork.  It tasted even better than it looked. It would have been a lovely photo too if I hadn't spilled my coffee.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Monday, July 24, 2006

It is hot

And I mean HOT. The kind of hot that makes you wonder if maybe you've been a bit more of a bad girl than you thought and that, you know, maybe this is that whole eternal damnation those crazed preachers on television talk about. Okay, maybe it's not *that* hot but it sure is sweltering and humid to boot.

The man on the television last night said the high was 86 here yesterday but I *know* that's a lie. The thermometer outside the house (that happens to be in the shade btw) as well as the one in the car clearly said it was in the high 90's. Of course in a house without air conditioning that means it's not much cooler inside. It's been record high temperatures for a week with more in site.

Every store in the southern half of the state seems to be sold out of fans, air conditioners and even those "Mister mister" things, you know the spritzy bottle with the little fan attached? Hey, I was desperate. The other night I managed to find two itty bitty oscilating fans on some odd shelf at Target. When I brought them home my husband laughed hysterically. He was right to laugh, unless you sit with the damn thing an inch from your head it doesn't do a thing.

Yesterday we all jumped in the pool to cool off (but only a little, it's been so hot even at night that it feels like a bath in there). 10 minutes later big black storm clouds rolled in and we had to get out but hey, at least a storm would cool it off a little, right? Right?! No, it never actually rained and the front passing over only served to make it more humid.

For now the kids are enjoying the constant flow of poscicles but I'm afraid of what's going to happen when the sugar rush wears off. I don't want to be here. Hopefully Mister DM will be home by then and I can bid a hasty exit to the nearest air conditioned starbucks or something.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Sleep Issues

The baby has "sleep issues". Saying that outloud makes me laugh because well, duh! She's a baby, of course she does. Really aren't "sleep issues" probably a more normal state of things than a baby who is a good sleeper? In this house that's surely been the case.

So what do you do with an 18 month old who suddenly refuses to go to sleep? If your my husband you take her down to the family room and have her watch interesting (boring) science television. Of course all that happens is he falls asleep and you are left as the sole defense against a little tiny fortress who refuses to yield.

You set about to complete your "before bed" tasks. You know, running the dishwasher so there are clean bowls for breakfast. Getting the coffee pot set to go so you are actually coherent enough to serve breakfast. Filling up sippy cups of milk so that your kids can help themselves at 0'dark hundred when they wake up, letting you sleep just ten more minutes (a girl can dream can't she?). The baby meanwhile is happily unloading the tupperware cabinent, banging plastic plates together and chucking the straws and lids of sippy cups that you searched for hours to find.

Finally, sometime after 11 you acknowledge that you can not actually complete the tasks you need to with little miss wide awake in tow and you realize that you have to go to bed. Of course shortly after this revelation your 3 year old will appear, wondering what all the ruckuss is. She will need a drinkie and to use the potty before she goes back to bed of course and by then she will want to sleep with you and since your husband is snoring away on the couch in the family room you figure why not.

20 minutes later when you are laying in bed with a sweaty baby who has finally fallen asleep on top you your arm in such a way you can not move and the 3 year old is digging her bony little knees into your back you remember "why not". You manage to fall asleep and have fitful dreams about camping and sleeping on top of that rock you accidentaly set your tent up on top of.

Sometime around 1 your husband will wake up and realize he is on the couch and will come POUNDING up the stairs which happen to share a wall with your bedroom. You are awake. The baby is awake and even the cat is awake. Confused and convinced it must be morning he positions himself at the foot of your bed meowing because he wants you to get up and feed him his daily allotment of wet food. Tough break cat!

Your husband seeing the collection of children in your bed (because oh by the way your 6 year old has climbed in at some point you don't remember) starts picking them up and shuffling them back off to their own beds so he can claim the place beside you he has rightfully earned. You lay back enjoying the feeling of a king sized bed with only two people in it, close your eyes can't fall back to sleep. You are wide awake. You toss and turn for a good hour, looking at the clock every ten minutes or so until you finally fall asleep at some point. Right about the time you hit REM you are jostled awake by that little voice on the baby monitor yelling "Mommmmmie, mommmmmie."

You bring her back to bed with you and try to fall asleep again. You must at some point although it's not good sleep. It's mostly you lying there trying to convince yourself that your asleep. Sometime around 6:30 the three year old tells you it's time for wakey and asks you to turn on Nogin. Somehow you manage to stumble down the stairs to do this and then stumble back up to get coffee. You are intercepted on your way to the coffee pot by the cat who is now angry and DEMANDING his breakfast.

You finally get to pour that coffee and realize that while one child is occupied and the other two are still asleep you can finish all the stuff you couldn't last night. You figure the baby was up all night she's got to sleep until 8 at least! Then, you hear it, quietly at first. You think maybe it's just a bird. It becomes louder and unmistakeable. "Mommmmie, mommmmie, maaaahhhhhhmmmmmmeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiii."

You look around at the pile of dishes, the mountain of laundry and all the other things left undone. You go to get her, frustrated by the "sleep issues" wondering what the heck it is you can do to make the baby sleep. Then you see her. She's sitting in the middle of your bed playing with the covers. She looks up at you, holds her arms out and says, "Mommie!" That smile? I'd trade it for a lifetime of good sleep.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Ah, summertime

Warm weather, swimming pools, fresh peaches. What's not to love? I was sitting outside today watching the kids play in the sandbox and all I could think about was how nice the warm sun felt on my shoulders. It's so wonderful out there it's almost hard to drag yourself in to do the things that have to get done.

When fall arrives and it's just a bit too chilly to eat dinner on the patio every night the kids will be crushed. But right now? It's swimming all day and popscicles every night. Thank heavens for summer!

Monday, June 05, 2006

Did you know

that having a rock removed from your child's nose is considered "surgery", at least for insurance purposes? And if your child has this done your insurance will probably not pay for it if you haven't met your deductible, because, well, it isn't included in that "deductible be damned" copay only sick/well office visit benefit you get because it isn't *really* an office visit, even if it all happened in the office? And if that's the case you'll get a loverly note in the mail from said doctor's office and your insurance company saying, "Oh. So sorry. Please pay up now." This is most likely going to happen the same week you shelled out a small fortune for dental care, soccer sign ups and assorted school activities for said child.

Did I mention this was my SIX year old who should freaking know better than to go around sticking things up his nose?!

I love my son I love my son I love my son.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Yesterday was Saturday

and although we had grand plans of packing up the house for our upcoming move we were still in our PJs at 1. I finally made my way into the shower at 1:30 with my latte in hand (thanks mom!) ready to start the day before we blew it. We left the house at 3 on our way to buy cat food to keep our furry friends from staging a revolution.

We piled three kids into the van ignoring the complaints and whines. "I don't want to go!" they said. "Tough" was the only reply they got. Down the street we went towards petco while the kids quietly munched on granola bars and fruit snacks.

My husband passed the turnout for the shopping center. I looked at him with my eyebrow raised. There isn't anything else out there save the local airport and a few farms. Headed southwest he said, "I need to see the ocean."

So we did. Out to Port Hueneme we went, my husband hoping to catch a glimpse of the big ships in the harbor. No such luck, but we did find a nice beach with a swing set. It was chilly but sunny and we happily swung facing the ocean for a good 20 minutes or so. The kids screamed with glee as daddy pushed them higher and higher until they were so tired they wanted to go home. We walked down the beach in search of funny looking seaweed before heading back to the car and the daily chores we'd abandoned for an hour or so.

Sometimes we forget how close we are to the ocean. It's the reason we live where we do and the reason we put up with the ridiculously high cost of living. Sometimes the housing prices and the price tag on a gallon of milk make your chest feel tight, but the smell of the salt air and the sound of the waves reminds you just why you work so hard to stay put. I don't know what it is about the ocean that just seems to make everything right with us. We are connected to it.

When we got home we sat out back and had popsicles marveling that we live somewhere it's warm enough to do this at 5 PM in the middle of winter. The joy on the kids faces as they slurped at their popsicles made me feel...full. Things have changed a lot in the 6 years since my husband and I became parents, and really, they just keep getting better.